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A tropical getaway

TRAVEL TO A DISTANT PLACE without even leaving Carpentras!
The Safari has taken a step away from the rigid constraints of the traditional restaurant, creating a new, friendly and modern location in the hotel where food is treated as a means and not an end.
Whether you're alone or with friends, come to the Safari and indulge in creative and delectable dishes, accompanied with a flavoursome beer or a pleasant and warmly spiced wine. You can also enjoy one of our wonderful cocktails.

Open to the public in the evening only. Open lunchtime upon request for groups and seminars only.

Summer opening times: Tapas: 7 pm to 9:30 pm
Winter opening times: Tapas: 7 pm to 9 pm / Boco*: 7 pm to 9:30 pm
To find out more, read about our concept in the menus.

* Temporarily unavailable

A gourmet break

Discover originality!

As we like to combine originality and efficiency, we have decided to combine the surprising and delicious “BOCO”* concept devised by Vincent Ferniot to complement our creative TAPAS dishes.  
In short, it's the combined effort of several Michelin star chefs with the objective of meeting a simple demand: have something delicious and beautiful quickly. They include soups, warm dishes and desserts, and some of the recipes are vegetarian and/or gluten-free.
Come and take part in this adventure so distinct to Carpentras. Whether on our pool-side terrace near the petanque grounds in summer, or by the fireplace in winter. Our team will be on hand with a smile and an impeccable service to meet your every need.

* Temporarily unavailable

Personalised events

Combine work and play!

Don’t miss any of our events, the perfect way to end your evening at the Safari!

Here you can revel in music and fun while snuggling with some toasted marshmallows by the fire, or around the swimming pool for one of our pool parties.
It's also the ideal place to enjoy a round of table football, darts or petanque with friends.

There are many ways to have fun at the Safari – are you ready?

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