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Cycling in Provence: Safari at the foot of Mont Ventoux

If you are a cyclist, you have probably heard of Mont Ventoux. This legendary mountain is one of the most famous in France and attracts cyclists from all over the world. If you're looking for a cycling hotel to stay in while you explore this region, we recommend the Safari Hotel at the foot of Mont Ventoux. Our hotel is perfect for cyclists, as we have a closed garage where you can store your bike, as well as a supply of water to clean it. We also have a relaxing pool area where you can take a break from your hike, as well as plenty of lounging areas in the garden.

Mont Ventoux cycling hotel: the ideal place to start your cycling holiday

The hotel at the foot of Mont Ventoux is the ideal place for cyclists who want to take up the challenge of this emblematic mountain. The hotel has everything a cyclist needs, from a bike workshop to clean and comfortable rooms. There is also a restaurant and bar, where cyclists can relax after a long day in the saddle. The hotel is located in the village of Bédoin, which is at the foot of Mont Ventoux. It is the perfect place to start a cycling holiday, as many routes lead to the top of the mountain. When you reach the top of Mont Ventoux, you can enjoy one of the most breathtaking views in all of Provence. From here you can see the whole region stretching out in front of you, with the Alps in the distance. Cycling in this region is a truly unique experience that you will never forget.

The ideal hotel for cyclists

If you're looking for the perfect place to stay while you take on the challenge of Mont Ventoux, look no further than the hotel at the foot of the mountain. The hotel staff are always ready to offer advice and assistance to cyclists, whether you are an experienced cyclist or a novice. They can help you plan your route, choose the right gear, and even arrange transportation to and from the mountain. Additionally, the hotel offers a variety of amenities that will make your stay more comfortable, including a fitness center and swimming pool. And if you need help along the way, the hotel staff are always happy to help. Whether you are looking for accommodation or advice, the hotel at the foot of Mont Ventoux is the ideal place for you.

The ultimate hotel adventure: Cycling at the foot of Mont Ventoux

If you are a hotel cyclist looking for an adventure, look no further than the Mont Ventoux cycling hotel. At the foot of the mountain, Le Safari Hôtel is the ideal place to challenge yourself and follow in the footsteps of the Tour de France riders. With hotel rooms and bike rental packages, just bring your sense of adventure. Come and enjoy the ride of your life!